Monday, October 19, 2009

On Hold Indefinitely

Our plans to try and adopt have been put on hold indefinitely. Basically our case worker at the LDSFS sandy agency disliked us (probably more specifically Michele) so much that she found a way to no longer work with us. We were told that she would not work with us! It was bad enough that we were able to get our non-refundable deposit back.
All I can say is that she is one of the cruelest people I have ever known. She made us both feel like we had no right to be there trying to adopt. She made me feel like all the decisions I have made in my life were bad, not just wrong and things I would have to deal with but things that were bad and therefore I am a bad person.
My NOT go to the Sandy LDSFS. If they treat birth mothers even half as bad as I was treated no wonder they don't have more placements.

So until things change I am no longer going to update this blog. I suggest you let others know about the poor treatment given to perspective parents and that they do not go to the Sandy branch of LDSFS.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Thought to Share

I know God won't give me anything I can't handle.
I just wish he didn't trust me so much

--- Mother Teresa

The Gift of Adoption

This is one of our favorite articles about adoption. It was in the Feb 2009 Ensign. Reading this article individually touched both of us. We hadn't really talked about it prior to that time but because of this article we did. I remember the day we decided that adoption was right for us. We were sitting on the couch just chatting. I don't remember who brought it up but when I said, "I think we should look into adoption." Rick gave me an enthusiastic "I thought we should for awhile now." It was a great day. Ever since, both of us have had our decision confirmed over and over again. Even now as I write this blog post, I feel my heart swell with excitement and get goose bumps all over.
I hope this article can touch you as it has us.
The Gift of Adoption

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Birthmother Letter

I have been putting off writing our birthmother letter. Rick is also going to write part of it but until I start, he is just waiting. Well this evening I decided to start. I have been thinking about it for months now. Unsure of what to write. Wanting to outline it all before committing anything to "paper".
I wanted to make it long enough, about 1.5-2 pages and thought I would never be able to do it. Well I just finished writing and have to edit it down. By myself I filled 3 pages! Once I decided to start the words just starting spewing from my fingers. I know that I have been touch by the Spirit while writing but maybe a little bit less would have been good. hahaha
Each time I work on a different step, I am reminded that this is the right thing for us. I am SO excited! I thank my friends and family for their prayers and want all possible birth mothers who read this to know that we are praying for YOU and want you to know that our friends and family are praying for you too.

New Favorite Song

I am not what I would consider a Nickelback fan; however, they have some songs I really do like. They have a great beat to them and others have words that crack me up. A few weeks ago I heard this song on the radio. I thought it was a bit hard for them but the voice sure sounded like them. It took me 2 weeks to find out who it was but when I did I was excited because I knew I could get a copy of the song. This is a great live video too. I am thinking, they might be really fun to see in concert!


I like snowcones. Apparently they are a learned taste thing. My siblings all pretty much like snowcones, some more than others but still we all like them. Rick, does not so much.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ReAl Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders

We had our family that lives in the Northwest over to eat, play some guitar hero and then go to the soccer match. We had an AWESOME time. We had 22 people in all in our group. Only 3 of us had on ReAl colors while the rest wore their green Sounders garb with pride. In the end, ReAl won!
Hooray for the home team!