Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. It started off with a great sacrament program. I personally love programs with more singing that talking, most of the time. It was so great to hear the choir singing of Jesus and his life here on earth. The best, which is ALWAYS the best is when the primary children sing. They are so cute up there.
After church we came home and had a late lunch of scones. They were mighty tasty.
The night before I had started making homemade rolls. By the time we came home from church they were ready to be cooked.
After hanging out for a bit we headed to Jim and Carrie's home for dinner with the family. Little Jimmy wanted to have an Easter Egg Hunt so he hide eggs around the yard for us to find. It was great seeing how excited he was when he found an egg. Carrie did such a good job and there were enough eggs that everyone was able to get quite a few. There were even some that were almost left over.
A tasty meal with some Rock Band as dessert. It seems to be that we can't get together any more without playing some Rock Band. Rick was the manager and took care of our groupie...Baby Katie.

Little Jimmy did some lead vocals on Eye of the Tiger.

While Marissa rocked out on Bass.

Mom made sure that Little Jimmy had all he needed backstage when he was done singing.

Jim and Carrie played guitar and drums.

I was able to do some singing and learned that I was singing too low for Billy Idol's White Wedding but I did an Awesome job on Boston's More than Feeling. I learned that some of my favorite songs are on Rock Band 1 and we were playing Rock Band 2. It is so much fun to have everyone involved and playing together.

Rick and I came home and watched Iron Man then went to sleep.

We truly had a wonderful Easter with feeling the Spirit while at church and being able to spend some great time with family.

Jazz Game with some Bee Bowling

We had dinner a few weeks ago with some friends of ours. Their daughter won tickets to a Jazz game and they couldn't use them because they were going to be out of town so they game them to us. On the day before Easter we went to a Jazz game. It was a really lame and boring game for the most part. But there was one part during I think between the 1st and 2nd quarters that was awesome.
The Bees mascot was hanging out at the game with the Bear. They were doing some bowling thing where 10 big barrels were set up with a pad behind them. The mascot of choice, who happened to be the Bee, was on a scooter of some sort and shot off from a sling shot. I can't believe how fast he got going! It was highly entertaining. This is his second shot.

Rick told me no more self portraits. Well of course I had to take one!

And what would a Jazz game be without some Jazz Dancers?! hahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009


Last year I learned how to quilt...kind of. I have a friend who brought a picnic quilt to church in September. It was alternating jean and other fabrics. I decided I wanted to make one. Rick went with me and we bought a sewing machine, a cutting board and roller cutter and I embarked upon my quest to make a quilt. It didn't take too long to sew it. I finally tied it one day in January. Then just last week, yes in April, I put on the boarder. And here is my final result.
While creating my picnic quilt I decided to make some baby blankets. I also finished them just last week. I now have one blue and one pink Peter Rabbit quilt with minkie on the back. I have tucked these away until we have a child and can put it in their crib. They are special blankets for our unborn child that come from my heart. They aren't perfect but they are made with love.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Katie's First NASCAR Race

Baby Blessing

Rick was able to bless one of our great nephews in February. It was the first baby blessing Rick has been able to give. It was such a wonderful experience for all involved and it was great practice for him while we wait for our own baby.

Family Rock Band

I Love to See the Temple

I love that we live in Utah where there are so many Temples. I can't believe that in just a few more months we will have another one in the Salt Lake Valley open for us to use. Last weekend Rick and I were near the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple and I was able to take a few photos. I wish I could get one from the side to show the neat shape of the Temple but until then, these will have to do for my friends who don't live close enough to drive by.

Ricardo ~ The Pool Boy

So there is this lady I have known since high school. She was in the stake young women's at the time and I really liked her. I came across her on facebook and decided to add her. Today she added me and wrote asking who was the good looking guy in the photos with me in Cancun. I told her that it was "Ricardo the Pool Boy. Isn't he a dish?" And yes I used that term. She wrote back to me telling me "Ricardo the pool boy?!?!?! He's a hunk!!! Nice work girl!" Yeah she is jealous. She actually is about the same age too. She graduated in 77 from Skyline. It makes me giggle!

Our Engagement

Rick and I started officially dating on Valentine's Day 2008. By May and probably even by April we knew we wanted to get married. I picked out my ring, cause Rick is cool like that in May. Rick I think had it in his possession in June. I figured that he was going to ask me sometime during the month of July.

So July 1st we had a long weekend with the 4th of July being on a Sunday. We had decided to go to Logan with Jimmy and Carrie to watch fireworks with Carrie's family at Utah State. Rick and I were driving up alone and Rick said that he needed to stop by the visitor's center at Temple square to pick up some pamphlets for home teaching. I thought, well uh, ok. We parked at Crossroads and walked to the north visitor's center. Rick got what he "needed" and we headed back out. As we were passing the big flower box in the middle somewhat north of the Temple Rick stopped to put the stuff away in his bag and whatever. I sat down on the wall of the flower box. Rick then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Now I will be honest, I used to remember exactly what he said but right now, I am not positive if he said, "Will you marry me?" or "Will you be my wife?" NO WAIT!!!

He was down on his knee and handed me a card. In it, it said something about a ring, like give me a ring sometime...he wrote in it "Look up" I looked up and that is when he was holding the box with my ring and was on his knee. I still don't remember what he said but of course I said yes and put out my hand for him. He slide my ring on, we kissed and hugged and all was good. I happened to see a couple walking past us watching and smiling. I thought it was great that a couple was able to see us and share our moment even though I have no idea who they were.
I will always remember exactly the spot where Rick proposed. It also happened to be across from a drinking fountain which was designed from my grandpa's tie-tack.

Rick and I headed back to the car then headed to Logan. We watched the fireworks from across the street from the stadium and had a great time with family. I didn't mention being engaged when we first got there but someone noticed my ring and from then on everyone knew. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th.

How Rick and Michele Met

I was emailing with a friend from high school today who asked how Rick and I met and got together. I thought that would make for a fun blog.

Rick started working at the same company as me in January 2004. I think it was Jan 12th or 14th...how do I know? I was the one who approved the invoices for the recruiter. I was checking him out when he first started but didn't really think anything more of that. We became friends, like you do with people you work with and that was all good.

In October Rick finally asked me out...I said No. I wasn't going to go out with someone I worked with. He actually had only asked me to go to lunch with him and I still said no. He asked me a second time and by now I had learned his true age. Initially I thought he was about 35. He was really closer to 45 at the time. I told him that I couldn't date guys closer to my mom's age than my own and I offered to set him up with my mom. He didn't like that so much. I know he asked me out a third time and again I told him no. I told him that I didn't date non-LDS guys.

Christmas came around and Rick bought these awesome gift baskets from a lady who sold stuff at work. I told him that if he gave me one I would go out with him. He didn't like that either.

So here comes February...The Friday before Valentine's day 2005 I was chatting with Rick. He asked if I was going to get lots of flowers and I told him no I wasn't going to be anyone's Valentine. He told me that he really liked sending flowers to girls. I went back to my desk and emailed him and we decided to be each other's Valentine's. There was a lady who sold flowers, balloons and chocolates there at work for Valentine's. I decided to get him a few balloons and some chocolate covered strawberries. I made it very clear I did not want any of the balloons to say love on them. We also decided to go to lunch together...good ol Chili's.

Rick sent to me THE most incredible long stem red roses. Not only were they long stem, there were 2 dozen of them. I was told by many people that day I had the best flowers. (Sorry the photo isn't so great. I didn't have a digital camera by then so I had to use my cell phone camera. Yeah, can you imagine ME without a digital camera?!)
We had a nice lunch and decided to do it again.

Rick and I started talking on the phone every night but I wouldn't let him come to my house. One day in fact I told him that I was going to paint. He offered to come and help. I lied to him and told him that I didn't feel well enough to actually do it that day. I hung up the phone and proceeded to paint. I just wasn't into having a boyfriend and I told him so. In fact the first time he took me out in the evening, I took Marissa with me!

Rick and I continued to go out to lunch together more and more. We would try and go out separately so people wouldn't see us together. Of course some people did cause they had no life and needed something to gossip about but the bosses, they didn't know and that was what mattered.

The first time Rick told me that he loved me we were driving back from lunch at Chili's. I remember I was the one driving and we were driving on the overpass over 215 just north of the E Center. He said, I love you. I said back, "I wish I could say that I do, but I don't." He told me that it was ok because he had been thinking about it a lot longer than I had.

By May Rick and I knew we wanted to get married. We became engaged on July 1st 2005 (another story) and here we are...Married on Dec 14 2006 and happy as could be. (our actual wedding is another story too!)So Rick is one of those who you can't get mad at for having cold feet. He was much more ready for things than I was. I thank Heavenly Father every night and every morning that he was so willing to be patient for me and to put up with my crap. I love you Rick! (Not that he will ever see this unless I send it in an email to him hehehe)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And so it begins

Rick and I have decided that the right path for us to follow at this time is the path of adoption. This blog has been started for perspective birth mothers of our child to get to know us better. And for our friends to enjoy our crazy and fun life! We hope it brings you some joy.