Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy August Weekend

This weekend has been very quiet. We played some tennis, did some shopping, went for a drive up the canyon, hung out around the house watching tv and even got in a nap after church. I was able to get several new clothing items including a super cute skirt and a new swim suit top.
I took some photos around Silver Lake where we went for our drive. Last time we went there was in the fall and the leaves were changing. It was pretty to see it so green this time. There were a lot of people up there as the temperature was perfect. We walked out on the little dock into the middle part of the lake. It was SO clear. We could see everything and unfortunately, it smelled like dead fish. The little duckies were very friendly and came up on the dock to see us.
There were little chipmunks aka pot guts running around. There were VERY tame. One came right up to Rick's shoe and almost to mine. Rick wore his Jeff Gordon shirt for good luck. The shinies on the sleeves are the good luck part. ;) The race ended up being rained out though. And I am hiding the video camera behind my back so it wasn't in the photo.