Friday, July 17, 2009

Michele's Company Party

We had Michele's company party this week. I have planned many parties for 5 people up to hundreds and sometimes hundreds every week for 2 months. (These didn't have full meals but they had activities and treats.)
This was a special one because I have only been on the job for about 7 weeks now. It was a good chance to show what I am capable of outside of the office and to get to know the people I work with. I was so excited for Rick to meet these people I tell him about all the time.
We have a GREAT time! Everything turned out at planned and without a hitch. We had dinner catered that was ever so tasty. We have games with prizes for all. We had a raffle and what seemed to be the bit hit, "paper rockets." Everyone was able to add fins to their Styrofoam rockets and shoot them off.
I didn't remember to take photos until the end of the party, because we were having so much fun. By then I didn't want to bother anyone so we have self-portraits this time around.