Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Niece Amy

Rick and I have a niece named Amy who passed away from a blood clot 5 years ago. Her birthday was this past weekend. The last few years we have been going to the cemetery her birthday, usually at the same time as her mom and sisters. It is always a really neat experience. Just a chance to remember her. Actually, I never met her but I do remember when Rick took off work for the funeral. (It was before we were dating but it really struck me and obviously stood out for me.)
This year was a bit different and I don't know why. It is always very peaceful and quiet at the cemetery but this year I felt Amy's spirit as I have never felt it before. It was a calm feeling of reassurance that she is in Heaven and is very happy. It brought tears to my eyes.
I just want all who read this to know, I have a testimony of the after life. We can live with our loved ones for eternity.